About Me

There’s always something going on in my head; stray thoughts, the odd daydream and more often than not, my own brand of strange logic. It never seems to stop – the cogs are always whirring. I know we’re all different and I’d never claim to be “normal”.

I’m known to be extremely talkative and regardless of topic importance, I feel the need to speak my mind. Sometimes I ramble on about things people don’t care about or haven’t experienced just to break the silence that seems to have taken over. I’m forever wondering and constantly thinking and wish, if only for a moment, other people could understand me and see through my eyes. With every rant and pondering I hope to give a little insight as to how I perceive the world. When there’s five or six things fighting for thought – it gets quite noisy in my head – to dodge a migraine, I try not to bottle it up.

  1. that is what drink was invented for to drown out the voices =P

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