Eroding Ignorance

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Poems
To suffer the eroding ignorance, often shunned, actively avoided;
I’m left alone again to wonder if it’s truly all invited?
Are my scars all too visible? Is it the things I say?
Do I lack somehow, maybe you won’t say?
Or do I give you reason to push away?
All these questions I want to ask
But I expect not an answer.
Does it matter not how much I care?
Am I not enough? Do I fail somehow?
Think on the past; have I not been there?
Worthless again I’m made to feel.
Intentional? I doubt it.
Part of me says, stay still, hush, wait –
Hang in there; it’ll turn out great.
But maybe I’m not worth it.
I’ve stayed so strong but after a time,
The loss of light is blinding.
In time maybe I’ll learn to see,
How others see, and think and be.
‘Til then, I ask if it’s wrong to want to share
The happiness felt, whenever you are near?

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