Claimed The Ignorant

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Poems
Surely soon will his life he love?
For now no reason left to otherwise…
The horrors lived lay in the past
Never again should his demons rise…
Forget, forgive and let those live
Don’t blame, torment or dwell
Are the things said by those ignorant,
Who have never walked his hell.
A minute in his shoes he asks
A moment through his eyes.
It’s often easy to ignore;
For that darkness hides inside…
He wants out, he begs release,
Can you not hear him, or daren’t you recognise?
Inside waits a cunning fiend, who lays low when required..
Look deeper through his words he pleads
To where the evil often feeds
On all that’s good, true, whole and pure
He knows not how to rid the beast
Nor prevent it taking over.
Surely he can’t expect to forever live in fear
Of damaging himself
Or of those he loves?
Will it fade with time? Or is there not a cure?

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