If In Life…

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Poems

If in life you wish to see,
The answer to self happiness, seek
Your answers from your dreams.
If in our lives, we followed literal dreams,
Avoid the horrid, the chasing and ignore the screams,
We’re still left with many more;
Rule out the things that can’t be done
Accept that in life there’s a setting sun;
The start of a fresh day.
Time won’t hold as it does whilst sleeping
Distance increases, and the details here remain.
Rule out again the dreams of flying
We shall soar here instead; Imagine the feeling
To wake up, holding, smiling, living the dreaming
When even here we rule.
Whilst awake we worry not
That soon we’ll wake and quickly forget
The lessons learned, of moments and years that never pass
Here instead we rise, look to our hands and keep
What we hold when we go to sleep.

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