Posted: September 6, 2012 in Poems

Please save me from the memories
Of the things I’ve done; regret.
Tainted are the dreams once had
Things I now beg to forget.
Dragged up, I relive the moments, the horror and suffered torment –
No escape, I’m trapped in time
As I watch the exit drift away
Darkness swoops in and sharper are the edges made…
I’m chained to the past, the sins once lived,
That still haunt me to this day.
How could..? Why would..?
There’s things I’ll never do again!
Rarely had were the times enjoyed
How with the chaos, deciept, betrayal
Did I ever shy from change?
Obvious to all but I, in my own world far too focused
Closed were my eyes, I’d ignore surroundings
Eagerly accepting every lie.
From Hell to Heaven I’d erase it all
If it were not that without a past we’d be somebody else
Though even now I’m left to wonder
The higher up we climb, surely the worse the fall?

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