All Trick For The Mind Games

Posted: September 1, 2012 in Poems
To say one thing but mean another;
Said to my face, but behind backs – whispered.
To which ‘advice’ am I meant to listen?
Dragged into games played all too often
Should I stop trying, not even bother?
It’s happiness and butterflies, not games I want.
They’re warped rules anyway; I’d never badly treat
Undermine, ignore, then wait; repeat.
To give up I’m told, stop wasting my time –
Once again, I’m left to think
Surrounded but alone.
This happiness a lie I wonder? Was this chance ever really mine?
‘Desperate’? No. You read me wrong,
Far too kind, polite and trusting.
I’ll not again be a doormat walked.
Actions contradict the words, confusion – massive scale.
But was the intervening requested?
Or their own business made?
Would it please you should I quit this ‘game’? Or continue on, expecting to fail?
Maybe you’re right, I’ve done wrong before;
Maybe I’m not to trust and share again
I’m made to feel ashamed.
Or maybe time itself would reveal to me how to play the waiting game…

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