The Butterfly Guide

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Poems
In memories and dreams the worst demons dwell
Wait and biding their time,
‘Til the walls do fall again.
Holding my breath, I walk the path made for me, by me –
To a far far brighter destiny.
The coin hints tails, he expects to fail;
To scale a mountain, though fearing heights
He does what he must, for he knows it’s right.
But he’s to suffer the darkness again this day
Though he accepts it gracefully.
After all, what’s life without a fight?
The light inside would whisper, despite the raging war –
“Don’t give up, life will improve, of this I’m mostly sure”
It’s to be heads they said, take a chance
Place your trust in those deserving
But don’t ever gamble with happiness;
Seek out only those deemed worthy.
Live your life smiling, there’s never reason to hide
May the butterflies illuminate – they shall be your guide.

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