A Question Best Left Unanswered

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Poems
Looking back to the past – when times were bad,
Back when the days went on and on.
We’d each received the same abuse,
Somehow survived; continued on.
How did we cope for so long?
Bonded through blood, and caged by walls;
Still through rough storms we stood
Always together, we’d manage, hold on –
Despite the work of a single one.
Negligence or intent? Who knows?
An onslaught of emotion;
The guilt, blackmail, starvation,
Left at the mercy of the violent
While you enjoyed yourself, relaxed, bathing in sin.
How did we stay so silent?
Did you have a plan?
To ruin our lives? To shape five to your will?
Do you really wish to change the past?
Or do warped thoughts plague you still?
Apart we’re torn; we were all so strong,
A one sided battle that went on too long
To sacrifice all we held, though forged as we are;
Still to this day we bear the scars.
Distance increases and time passes by,
But the bond remains and I’m asking why
Does time intrude to steal from us?
Would we all remain if the past were changed?
We’ve all faced worse and still survived,
Could things have been different?
Or is that a wish for another life?

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