My Knightess

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Poems
Be welcome in this world of Sunlight
Please note:
There’s butterflies aplenty and a sweetwater moat
Fear not the flowers;
The roses don’t bite
Fluffy clouds floating –
Another private delight
A thousand of swans and many a dove
I’d rather you with me – for you are my Love
You’re welcome to wander
Inside of my mind
I’m all yours,
Explore me –
Look and you’ll find
There’s keys to my heart;
Should you happen to seek it
True peace and calm –
Just open your hand and look in your palm.
Continue on with me, there’s much more to be seen:
Trees with arm branches and magical dreams
I’ll ask that you stay as long as you need,
For happiness to fill you – though I’d hope that you feel
Of similar feelings?
Without you I’m darker, inhuman no less,
Trapped by the pain;
A shivering mess.
Quickly arrived,
Hurriedly slain
My knightess in armour – with a beautiful name.

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