To Become An Almost-Passenger…

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Previous Rants
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Though I often understand there’s an underlying reason behind most things we’re given reason or cause to do (for is there ever a truly selfless act?) I’m always left to wonder just why some people are intent on destroying what little faith I have left in Public transport…

I’m very well aware the world has ways and methods of inciting fear in the humble human being – for we’re all left worrying and rushing around, too focused on day to day tasks to enjoy the little things – I’ll not ignore that we’d rather have the time to enjoy the pleasures in life – after all, who wants to wait at a busstop?

Initially it took a while to understand… A rare conversation with a local busdriver revealed there’s a timetable each and every driver “must” adhere to… I now realise this was but an excuse – misinformation to the ever inquisitive mind. Why else would the drivers – all fully aware of the almost-passengers they’d instilled with false hope by waiting until the last second then speed off with a shrug? They’d only be left waiting at the next set of lights or miss out on that one “vital” crossword clue…

Despite our outstretched arm in a vain attempt to hail the bus, a perfectly timed blink often renders the majority of us invisible – we’re then faced with a dilemma: to wait or walk. We could always continue on to the next bus stop, more often than not, we’d find the same driver, despite their “timetable” – poring over the more “interesting” pages of an old newspaper. It has happened before. I’ve seen “morals” come into play at this point: that is to say if sexism and personal interest could classify as “morals”…? I’m very much of the opinion most bus drivers have an evil streak, interested only in self gain, with their lack of conscience or warped sense of humour. Frequently I’ve encountered those without care for splintered breathing, shopping that happens to labour us, pain or the risked embarrassment of running in public. Surely we deserve a moment longer for effort alone?

I suppose this is the main reason I’m unfavoured by many bus drivers – though I’m not sure – maybe they don’t all bear a grudge? I feel there’s always opportunity for every good deed and when possible I’d slowly board the bus to buy an almost-passenger an extra few seconds… Though I avoid eye contact as a general rule – (I’d not want to encourage the ever awkward moment) it’s only fair should I see somebody running that I treat them as I would wish to be treated. This normally involves using as many delaying tactics as necessary before the inevitable “last resort” – the “all or nothing” of informing the driver which more often than not; fails.

It’s at this point that I silently apologise, more-so than the others, I have tried. Please spare me your evil glares – I did what I could. At the very least I ask the rest of us are spared similar courtesy or empathy in a similar situation…

  1. Colin says:

    Get a driving licence you bum

  2. Mike Clarke says:

    If any of the Bus Drivers read this post you will definitely be left at the bus stop!…You are right though, Bus Drivers do have an evil streak and judging by the way that most of them drive I’d say most of them enjoy inflicting as much pain and suffering on the unsuspecting passengers and other road users too.
    Either that or they are so thick they don’t know what indicators or mirrors are!

    • Kurlykurt says:

      I may have to board public transport in disguise… I’ll admit it’s not something I’d like to do but until I complete my driving, I’ve few options besides walking. With reference to “thickness” and to quote a Bus Driver (and therefore hopefully avoid slander) “most of the drivers can’t even read, some just look at the pictures”) – If this thesis proves correct, I may still be alright for a short while…

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