Invasion Of Sanity

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Poems
Without a fight you take my mind
No warning, words or wisdom.
I remain a shell, a silent witness
As invading thoughts resurface.
The darkest clouds will leave me blind
I’m trapped, alone and hurting.
The whole world dims as the torment spreads…
It takes a moment, the
Initial feeling of dread,
For fear to subside,
Whatever’s left; long dead.
Searching deeper – cold and cowering you’ll find
An endless span of frozen shards;
The lost pieces – now just broken scraps,
More of me to throw/discard.
Moving slow – I’m pushed aside
Enslaved by my own health
Both blurred and dark, all continues on
For who cares for the fate of a single one?
Wanting my freedom
Instead asking why
I’m still a number,
An empty jar on a dusty shelf
Is it wrong this longing? To want? To share?
Just like the rest; that single breath of fresher air?
Or am I doomed to wither?
Alone and cursed, naught but a shiver?
Doomed, sit back and watch
Accepting all the world delivers…?

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