Forever Alone?

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Poems
A doormat, a rebound, stepping-stone.
It bothers me not; pretending.
The clouds are dark, no silver there –
A whole world made is ending.
Just ripped apart the things done or said,
The remains: Self-hate. A memory, dread.
So lost, unsure, afraid to try, scared to make a move…
Who are we to draw the line, pick our lives or choose?
We are but pawns – laid in the sand, living move by move.
I cannot change the way I am. ‘Tis a foolish thing to ask.
I’m stuck in this cycle, trapped in this skin – forever judged based on my sin.
I hate my life and just wish to change the smallest thing,
The power then would rival pain.
  1. I am scared to be forever alone.

  2. Kurlykurt says:

    I’ve often doubted the words of the cynics, but I’ve heard them nonetheless; During one long conversation a while back a good friend of mine feared they too would be “forever alone”. I’ve never been one for giving advice but I remember telling him that there was probably somebody out there thinking exactly the same as them (admittedly such an extreme level of doubt was hard to overcome, it was almost like talking to a brick wall, but he heard me out) – he eventually came to realise that things don’t always work out the way we expect them to. We’re made stronger by the things we overcome, be they doubts or fears – looking back would we wish otherwise? I’d try not to worry too much about things at the moment, live your life happily for yourself and everything’ll work out – I’m pretty sure happiness attracts happiness 🙂

    • Im sure you will get access to happiness, and i can’t agree more of what you said… in fact everyone eager to love and be loved,maybe that is the key point of sometimes being cynics;and sometime people just so weak to accept a truth like,,that people don’t love you any more, or anything else,, and then they pretend to be well, but deep down they hurted so much.. and started to not expect too much; Like you said, things don’t always work out the way we expect them to, but we will be stronger by the things we overcome. And try not to worry too much.. I think just be yourself and enjoy the good part of life, get overcome the bad part, and that is life is.. all the best!

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