All Good Plans Typically Backfire

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Previous Rants

It was only after quite a lengthy discussion with my parents that I realised the flaw in my plan – after all, what exactly could I do to change anything?

I’d pinned all my hopes on just being able to switch window cleaners – it’d definitely be the simplest of solutions. It’s not my dislike of the profession itself – more the fear of being watched in what I once knew to be the “comfort” and relative “safety” of my own home. There’s no emptier words now, it had happened again and this time I’d had enough… I’m tired of being on edge when I hear voices outside, I shouldn’t be forced to hide every time.

I’d easily thought up many simple sounding solutions (and as I’d discovered, found it far more difficult to put them into practice). I’d dismissed the unrealistic ideas to end my torment and fuelled the more acceptable options available. I first tried the local DIY  store, there was only two people inside, I expected it to be easy, they were probably only trying to be polite and make conversation, but instead they ruined my plan. I tried to explain why I needed so much plywood to board up a “perfectly good window” but struggled to explain the situation in a way they’d understand. I didn’t really want to go into too much detail. Needless to say, I soon gave up on that idea; for some reason they refused the sale. It was at that point I realised my parents wouldn’t have been overly keen on that idea anyway…

Moving house was considered “too much fuss” for a “once-a-fortnight scare” and apparently it’s “unreasonable” to refuse to pay them for their “good service” (of which I’m still yet to see evidence of). I’d much rather buy a ladder and have a go myself, I’d even risk the pigeons, scale the house and attempt the task personally.

The more I thought about it, the harder things became… Each and every idea had the same flaw – the “pervy-window-creeps” would still patrol the area, and they still knew where we lived… I had no other option; If I wanted to avoid a repeat “experience”, I’d have to invest in thicker curtains and make sure I was out of the house on their “visits” just to be sure…


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