Living A Lie

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Poems

I’m nothing more than second best
An afterthought
Delusions of a ‘loving’ pair, destroyed by reinvasion…
Of number three
Who will always be
The first one in your eyes…

Countless times I’ve held my tongue.
My silent cries – inside
It’s still him you want
My damaged pride –
Your love for the flame that never died…

Burned once too much, yet never enough…
It hurts to realise
Despite the lies
The pain you’ve felt
The misery and despair
It’s still him you want
For it’s he who’s “always been there”…

My failed attempts to prove to you there is a Decent guy,
Loyal, and honest, a ‘true man’
Loving and caring
I’m still only human…

Left tainted by the jealousy
Of number three
Who you wish to be
The “friend” who has always been there…

Ruined – by “unfair moods”;
It’s my damaged pride
Your ‘love for me’ which has now died
Hurt and rejected
My broken heart I cannot hide…

I wonder on and ask myself ‘am I the interruption?’
Of ‘perfect’ girl and the flame you still desire…?


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