Ah, So THAT’s Why We Shouldn’t Ever Talk To Strangers…

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Previous Rants

As much as I would have liked to try, hope and wish against it, I couldn’t pretend it hadn’t already happened. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about shouting something like that. At me. In public.

We were stuck queuing and I’d accidentally bumped into a complete stranger – we’d both apologised – I was trying to be as polite as possible and so began a simple conversation. As we all know, the term “simple” only ever applies if you don’t think about what is happening. This is when things got awkward. The conversation somehow steered from his shopping to his hobbies and how his life had suddenly changed. I very quickly found myself feeling awkward and more than a little lost for words when he began the sob story of his love life – or more accurately, his lack of.

I probably should’ve been sympathetic or felt bad for thinking it, but I wasn’t surprised. There is a reason for everything and this man was already starting to creep me out a little. I’m not sure why he felt I needed to know; I didn’t even know him…
He probably expected a response but he didn’t get one – “To live the life of a bachelor eh..?” He didn’t realise the subject was making the surrounding people quietly creep away – he was already stood too close and I did NOT want to be left alone with this guy. I was stood there and didn’t have a thing to say. I only had myself to blame, I knew it was my own fault – I suppose I did start the conversation.
I should’ve guessed what was coming when he first approached the subject: “She said I was clingy…” – I’m not sure how I refrained from saying something at that point but I’d let it pass. I’m surprised he didn’t pick up on the subtle tutting and sighing that was going on – he should’ve realised I regretted talking to him at this point – I was next in line and my body language wasn’t overly positive. I remember thinking I’d never be more relieved to end a conversation, I wasn’t overly sure how accurate that was.

I hope it’s not uncommon – I’ve heard that some things lose all meaning if they’re repeated often enough – other things are said randomly, almost reflexively, without any thought or forewarning. I’m sure it’s regarded as an annoying habit but in this instance I almost begged this was the case – not that I could’ve done anything to make things less awkward…

After repeating “thankyou”, “have a nice day” and “see you later” did he then shout out in a far too serious manner at full volume “I LOVE YOU!” I don’t think he had realised what he’d said, maybe he didn’t think it was odd, or creepy to declare something like that to a stranger… I hoped I’d misheard him, but the staring looks I got said otherwise – I guess the surrounding people were as stunned as I was – but I still felt the need to explain that I didn’t actually know him, nor did I feel the same way…


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