Death-wish? – A Slimy Invasion

Posted: August 8, 2011 in Previous Rants

When there’s no traffic lights or appropriate crossing, it’s difficult enough for us to time it right and cross a busy road, especially when there’s a car coming. We would simply wait and only cross if there was nothing approaching. I guess most animals don’t have that luxury – they’d just hear a roar and a huge wheel as the car got too close – they probably can’t see very far after all. I’ve recently seen many dead birds and hedgehogs which prove this theory. I guess it’s no surprise that flies and moths suffer the same fate after flying through a window – lured by the smell of food or a bright light and are then unable to find their way back after a little “exploring” – I guess it’s not their fault…

I was cycling a several mile journey home from work one night. It was raining heavily again and I’d expected to see a few, but there was hundreds of them. I’d never seen so many in my life! Worms, slugs and snails were enjoying the rain, awkwardly positioned across the road and both pavements – I had no choice. I’d have to pick out the safest route amongst them. I had to pick up my bike and carry it until the road was clear. It took me ages but I was glad I didn’t accidentally step on or kill anything. Some people (oddly) find enjoyment in stepping on crunchy leaves in autumn – only somebody truly sick would happily plough through the mass of creatures.

It’s a simple thing really to save a life. It’s a good deed and most of the time isn’t too much trouble, I often open a door or window and shoo an intruder back outside or randomly scream out “wait!” at people walking before they accidentally step on and kill something. I say I hate bugs and insects, but I suppose it’s more of a fear of them, or rather of them getting themselves killed at my expense. They deserve just as much a right to live as anything else. I know it looks weird but I try my best to make sure they don’t get themselves killed, accidentally or otherwise. A recent incident involved a moth – which oddly chose to provide endless entertainment for my cat – without my intervention, my cat would have inevitably sat on it and saved it as a “gift” for me. Granted I’ve come across creatures which seem to position themselves in the most awkward places – I’ve had to ask myself “does it have a death-wish?”

  1. Sounds like you’re practically a buddhist!

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