Attention Seeking?

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Previous Rants

It’s an odd thing to watch how other people interact with others, a recent conversation with my friend quickly steered an interesting topic: “people-watching” – it’s not a phrase I’d heard of before but thought I’d give it a go. I thought it weird at first, quite invasive and judgemental, until I was told “it’s just observing them”.

He wasn’t subtle, maybe he thought nobody had noticed – but I caught him. He looked back to the road – probably a wise move – he was driving after all. Several times he’d stared at passers by – this time it was a passenger wearing a miniskirt and tight t-shirt that had caught his attention. He had tried to say something as she got off the bus – I was sat at the front (again) but didn’t catch what he said; he looked disappointed. His expression said “another missed opportunity” – I wanted to point out she’d not appeared to give him a second thought, but thought better of it.

It was probably the sigh that caught my attention, his stare said it all so the sigh was unnecessary – it just made things creepy. I looked from the driver to the back of the bus upon hearing more disappointed sighs – as predicted, there was more staring. The lady had gotten off the bus and continued walking – I’m sure I saw her satisfied grin as the bus continued on – some people will do anything for attention.


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