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A Rude Awakening

Posted: July 23, 2011 in Previous Rants

It could have been the scratching at my window that woke me, or maybe the strange comments from outside filtering into my dream – “Wahaay!” and deep laughter isn’t something that I normally experience in my dreams. I was awake and instantly alert – I would normally have turned back over and went back to sleep – but not this time – I realised what was happening… There was somebody at my window, they were back!

My brother rushed into my room and failed to stay quiet “The window cleaners are here! – Oh, and they know you’re in here…” – Fantastic, well if they didn’t previously, they certainly did now! – I doubted it would work but I stayed silent and tried to hide under my duvet until the shadow had disappeared. What if he saw I was in here?

The loud and deep conversation continued – I could only make out a little of what was being said amongst the laughter “I’ll stick the kettle on” was not something I wanted to hear. They were IN our house! What was my dad doing? – He knew I didn’t like them!

It seemed my room was the safest room to be in, the curtains were still closed – I can be relied on to keep them that way – and the window cleaners had already finished “cleaning” mine. It was no surprise that my mum also decided to join my brother and seek refuge in my bedroom. A quick explanation proved the “pervy-window-creeps” had tried to clean my parents windows whilst they were open – instantly (and wrongly) assuming the worst.

There was no way around it, the window cleaners constantly found amusement here. This time they had gotten into our house! I knew I’d have to do something about it before things got any worse. I wondered which would be the safest option: I’d either have to move house, or get a lock on my door, board up my windows and get much thicker curtains.