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Don’t Be Fooled!

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Previous Rants

It was a rare sight this time last year, for a while all you could hear was “Pink bins? Whatever next?” and “Ooh, look at those – erm, why are they pink?”. Now it seems you can’t go an day without seeing the council doing something else; creating more recycling points, renovating parks, or even adding pink bins and street signs.

I’m all for positive environmental change and I’m glad they’re finally getting around to making things look a little better, but they should draw the line at pink street sweepers. What a silly colour for a machine; they’re still brutal and untrustworthy – nothing short of terrifying. It’s horrible not knowing what’s going to happen – more than once I’ve been at the mercy of the ruthless drivers, intent on driving the machines straight at me.

I thought the driver was aiming for me again. I only noticed it as the sweeper got close – at the last moment he swerved. I looked around – trying to work out what could have made him steer off the pavement and onto the road (they normally only did that to avoid people, lampposts or bins). There was a dead pigeon at the roadside – it was covered in blood and it’s wings were broken and unnaturally bent. It was horrible. didn’t want to think about what was going to happen next.

Before I could look away it had already happened – what could I have done do to stop it? Almost dismissively the brushes began to whir and a jet of water sprayed the pigeon before it was swallowed whole.

They’re a fairly common sight nowadays, and I’m forced to relive that moment over and over. I’ll admit, they’re pretty effective when patrolling the streets but they’re still monstrous and there’s nothing graceful about them – we should not be fooled by their “gentle” appearances!