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Honesty – A Curse?

Posted: July 21, 2011 in Previous Rants

It’s a well known fact: I’m talkative. I like expressing my opinion and I delight in interesting conversation. I’m not one to “beat around the bush” but there ARE limits. I’d definitely prefer somebody to be open and honest with me than to load a conversation with insinuation, triple meaning and guesswork, I’ve had a few conversations like that and to be honest, it just gets confusing.

Who enjoys having to decipher a conversation to work out what is actually being said? Not me thank you, you can keep your headaches! Most of the time there’s not a problem – I’ll confess there is a degree of subtlety required when approaching a delicate subject – but some people are brutal.

I’m known for my openness and honesty (disregarding my mouth diarrhoea as mentioned in “Chased By A Chav”) and would never willingly stray from the truth. Some people exploit this and revel in my discomfort the only way they know possible; by bombarding me with very awkward and direct questions. Sure some people don’t realise they’re doing it, they’re often the ones most shocked by my responses.

But questions like “Do you think I’m pretty?”, “Do I look fat?” and “Do you like me?” are deliberately phrased to make me feel uncomfortable – I have to answer honestly – I’ve tried to avoid the more personal questions and often try to change the subject. Some people are never happy with the answer they receive and there are some people who despite this, still wish to push things. “Lets see how awkward we can make him feel!”

There is then the assault of “Have you ever…?” and “Would you ever consider…?” – It doesn’t need saying, I can see the look in their eyes, they’re having fun… This is where things get bad. Really bad. I’ve experienced it a few times and it NEVER ends well.

I should have never opened my mouth.