Spontaneous Singing

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Previous Rants

I was tired, cold and wet, but I was in a good mood. I’d been waiting in the cold for a while, trying to avoid the rain pouring off the bus shelter but I didn’t mind much – it had been a decent night out.

The bus had finally arrived, I’ve had a few bad experiences on buses in the past and I expected the usual; the smell of urine, a grumpy driver and a bus full of old bus tickets and newspapers. I wasn’t surprised to see that the bus was littered – it’s always the same; newspaper + rain = mess. To stay on the safe side, I claimed a seat at the front and grabbed a newspaper. Only after the bus had set off I noticed there was a passenger sat halfway up the bus, I was trying to work out whether he was drunk or just moody when I heard it.

Carefree and joyous singing erupted from the driver’s cabin, I couldn’t help but smile. Despite the weather and general lack of morale everybody seems to adopt on Monday evenings – the driver was happily singing away!

It was not the disapproving stare of the other passenger that prevented me from joining in, but not actually knowing the words – I can only assume the other passenger preferred to sulk and found comfort in a miserable bus journey. It was a cheerful song and who knew? – he turned out to be a decent singer.

I’ve seen it happen just once before – A few years ago, there were three ladies sat together on a full bus; all at once they randomly started singing – after a few sheepish grins, other passengers began to join in. Almost 20 people were singing that day, it was unlike anything I’d ever seen or heard. Who ever said people couldn’t randomly break into song? I’m sure such a simple change in somebody’s attitude would make the world a better place. If nothing else, it made a genuinely pleasant journey.


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