A Chance At Redemption?

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Previous Rants

I refused to believe the puddle that was leaking under the cubicle wall was anything other than water. I had accidentally stood in it twice whilst getting changed and suddenly wished I’d taken my socks off first. I was back, and I was determined to give it another go – I’d never get any better if I didn’t practice.

Besides my dignity, what did I have to lose? I’d been given a bottle-top which oddly, served as payment – I had no excuses. I didn’t want people to judge me for lack of swimming ability or look down on me – I had to try again. Once again I found myself climbing into the swimming pool. I was willing to make the effort and only hoped things would be better this time…

Nope! What was I doing? – No real swimming techniques as far as I knew. After 5 minutes of splashing around and tiring myself out, I was grateful for the advice I was being given – “chill out”, “slow down”, “swim like this” – I got a quick demo and a name: breast stroke – apparently the easiest one.

Once again, the lifeguard kept an eye on me. I guess I kept them amused? I realise that despite my best efforts, I was swimming like a frog. My legs still occasionally splashed about and I still struggled to swim in a straight like, but it was an improvement. I wasn’t sure whether this new technique was meant to hurt my neck and thought it’d be wise to hold my breath underwater and continue I suppose this way, I could block out the judging looks I was getting…

After a while, I heard a shout, I wasn’t sure what was said and chose to ignore it – the pool staff  pointed me out, I tried not to panic, besides my failed attempts, had I done something wrong? They shouted again – “Please get out, pool’s closing soon”. It was over, I did as requested and was grateful I had survived another visit to the swimming pool, this time without too many injuries. If I could live it down, I’d have to try a different technique and bring a second pair of socks.

  1. Hey mate, been catching up on your posts, thought I’d leave a comment here. I’d quite happily take up swimming again every so often (schedule permitting!) if you want someone to go with you. I’d have to invest in some shorts and some goggles, but other than that I’m good to go!

    • Kurlykurt says:

      Sounds like a good idea mate, i’ll have to get more sociable hours at work myself, but i’ll definitely keep you posted (I need the practice!) – No laughing though!

  2. It’s a plan, man! Try to free up Friday days or Saturday afternoons, they’d be ideal for me. 🙂

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