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Easier Said Than Done

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Previous Rants

It says on the bottle “avoid contact with eyes, if product gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of warm water”. I had always assumed I would stay calm and resolve such an issue without panicking – after all, they make it sound so simple, that is, until you experience it.

It was early and I was still half asleep, I figured a nice warm shower would wake me up and re-energise me. I had already finished washing and shampooing my hair and grabbed what I assumed to be face scrub from the shelf next to me. I squirted enough onto my hands and applied to my face in a quick, practised motion; I somehow missed my face and instead rubbed (what I later found out to be) hair conditioner straight into my eyes…

Needless to say, It hurt. A lot. I was caught in a moment of blindness, panic and pain – did I rinse my hands first and try to rid my eyes of the stinging goo or instead hope the running water would do a better job? I couldn’t work out which to do first, and instead tried to do both at once.

Fearing blindness I had to act quickly; I spun around and tried washing my face under the shower head, my hands fought for place under the small jet of water as I tried to rub the remaining conditioner out of my eyes. It stung but it was working! I ended up losing my balance and practically pushed myself out of the bath.

It definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience –  but it was one I learned from; since the incident I realised I should only shower once I am fully awake – and to avoid a re-occurrence and stay on the safe side, I now keep my face scrub and my shampoo and conditioner on different shelves in the bathroom.