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Some things don’t require any thought, they come instinctively – overpowering rational thought and develop into reflex actions. I was on my way back home with a few friends after a quick shopping trip when I heard panting, I looked around and saw somebody running desperately in our direction. He was running pretty quickly and would catch up soon enough – it was probably the way he was running; he wasn’t running away from anything, he wanted something.

I’d never seen him before and had no reason to trust him, he looked exhausted, rough and very shifty – he’d have to try pretty hard to convince me he wasn’t like he appeared, as ruthless as it was, I told myself a “no” would be the wisest course of action.

Sure enough “can I borrow your phone mate?” were the first words out of his mouth – he then had the cheek to hold out his hand as if he’d already received a positive reply. I doubted he was as optimistic as he was presumptuous and rude. Instead of explaining to him the correct and most polite way to ask to borrow something, I realised he was probably uneducated and wasn’t really open to a quick lesson in etiquette. He’d not listen to me anyway – it was probably his manners that caused me to say it – without thinking I impulsively claimed my phone battery had died. I don’t know why I said it – I was appalled at myself, I should’ve just said no.

Though it had avoided the near inevitable conflict that his type regularly sought, I wondered what would have happened had I said “yeah” and handed it over. It would have probably been the easiest mugging he’d done that week, I would’ve had to drop my shopping, follow in pursuit and somehow phone the police, all of which seemed like too much hassle to go through. I severely doubted he was the honest type, looking more like the type of person you’d find on Crimewatch.

I’m just glad either way that I still have my phone – though it’s definitely not something I’m proud of, I tell myself it was worth the guilt I felt for lying to him.