The First Encounter

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Previous Rants

Meeting somebody for the first time is always tough, but for me, it’s a nightmare. It’s the situation I call the “first encounter” – in most cases I remember how appropriate that phrase actually is. I often feel really uncomfortable, not because I don’t yet know that particular person (who may or may not be a stalker, pervert or murderer) nor because I am terrible at remembering names (which when referring to them or trying to get their attention can lead to yet another awkward situation).

I worry more about the greeting itself, more-so the greeting I will receive. I’d quite happily accept a “hi”, “how are you?” or nod of the head to my less favourite greetings; the fake hug, the socially awkward wave or the common handshake – all of which have led to bad experiences. For me there is always the more severe worry of shaking a sweaty, sticky or dirty hand, the over friendly hug or the two-handed wave – which nobody likes.

Worse still is the feared “limp-handshake”… It’s this initial motion which singles out and indicates a “space invader” – those few people with no regard for personal limits; quite willingly standing, sitting or breathing too close to you. The signs are quite mostly obvious and often accompany a heavy breathing voice.

Should you ever encounter such a being – I’d strongly advise you to stay clear for your own safety and comfort. Unless you prefer bombardment of over personal questions, the odd stroke as they pass you, or the look in their eyes as they talk AT you – in which case you too are probably cursed with the “limp-handshake”.

I have encountered this greeting and speak from experience, yet I have survived intact! – Such an ordeal is scarring and can haunt you for a very long while, even now I dread introductions for fear of it being contagious. Let’s hope one day there will be a cure…


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