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Endure Forevermore

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Previous Rants

There’s a general air of unease and impatience which can only ever be found in a waiting room. It took me ages to find and as usual; there were no signs offering directions. I figured it’d be the same as every other, completely hidden and mostly empty. I was in a dentist hospital, there’s loads of waiting rooms – I would probably end up in the wrong one. Again.

I should’ve asked for directions, though I doubted it would’ve helped, unless “it’s the small room on your left that smells like feet” was an indication? I took a chance and guessed, if I was late for my appointment I’d complain there was no signs to “the waiting room”. After walking a seemingly endless corridor and passing room after room of locked doors, I found one ajar and took a seat amongst several impatient people. I was probably in the right place…

It was a combination of complete silence, the horrific smell and rising temperature which fuelled the impatience in the room. I wasn’t any different. I have no love for dentists, doctors or hospitals but I would have done anything to leave that room. Not long after sitting down I had handed my appointment card to a passing dental nurse and was told to “remain seated until I was called”. Though I was in the right place and still on time I was in a queue and therefore trapped. I’d have to breathe through my sleeve and hope for the best.

There was no clock in the room to check how long we’d been there and as usual, “mobile phones and all electronic equipment is not permitted in the waiting area”. It was warm and the seats must’ve been designed for discomfort. It’s a waiting room, I suppose we weren’t meant to be comfortable, but some things are just impossible! Did whoever buy these chairs ever actually sit on them? I guessed not. The seat “padding” was just for show and it was (in a word) unbreathable. I gave it a chance and sat for a while but I couldn’t do it, I stood for the rest. It wasn’t long before my legs began to ache, adding to the discomfort. I tried to keep myself occupied, I attempted conversation, but received grunts off those closest to me, I chose to remain quiet after that. I must’ve read every leaflet and poster three times, there’s only so much some people can endure. It was such a slow moving queue, I thought about falling asleep, but I didn’t want to miss my appointment. Why was it taking so long?

Name after name I felt my hopes shatter, I’d have to keep waiting – It was ages after my allotted time and I couldn’t help but wonder if they had forgotten about me? I saw patients enter and leave, the whole room filled and emptied twice before my eyes. After what seemed like forever I heard my name and hesitantly walked through the doors, I hoped the wait was worth it, at the very least I hoped the dentist chair was comfortable.