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Nature 1 Man 0

Posted: June 16, 2011 in Previous Rants

After a long restless night of being unable to breathe properly, remaining uncomfortable and sneezing frequently, I woke again rubbing my eyes due to lack of sleep and irritation. I realised that “summer” had finally arrived to taunt me once again.

I don’t normally get ill for some reason, yet I’d resolutely blamed my runny nose and swollen glands on a fierce cold which was going around – the random nosebleeds and extreme lack of energy I couldn’t really account for, anything was better than hay fever after all…

Oddly enough, it was cloudy and raining outside, yet I suffered more than ever – must nature despise me so much? As if to taunt me further, my alarm woke me far earlier than I would have liked – it’s these subtle indications that tend to set the tone for the day – I knew straight away that today would be a horrible one.

Following a slow morning in which I tried to lessen my suffering with numerous tablets and cold remedies, I had in fact misjudged the time and left for work late – so much for a great start. I knew I would have to face the harsh outside at some point, I hadn’t planned on once again missing my bus – it’d have to be another two bus journey…

So it was at my least favourite bus stop that I waited. The lesser of two evils I had told myself; I was forced to choose between a full bus stop surrounded by gardens full of plants or one slightly further on with small shelter from the rain?

I thought it a wise choice at first, avoiding all that pollen – pollen which didn’t lessen in a downpour and opting for shelter – until of course nature decided to mock me further.

Unfortunately, the “shelter” I had chosen was a huge tree with long draping branches – which got soaked rather quickly. I stood further back from the constant dripping so the wet branches didn’t bother me much – until the wind struck. I was trapped – forced to endure these branches harshly whipping at my face for quite a while – silently begging the next bus to appear through the torrential rain. Who knew nature could be so evil?