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Robotic Indifference…

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Previous Rants

I’ve noticed the same actions, reactions and attitudes many people adopt when dealing with everyday tasks and obstacles. There  is a world full of people walking, talking and living almost robotically, locked in the same day-to-day cycle. Though I’ll admit I too have a familiar cycle, there is a difference between the main approach I’d observed and the way most others come across.

It seems as if most people are happy to remain ignorant – of everything, from the smallest of things to world affairs, poverty, hunger and war. If it does not concern them, what do they care?

It could be the time of day, early mornings and late nights – when people act most like zombies, everybody selfishly dreading what the day ahead will hold for them. Few approaching the day with pessimism, fewer with optimism and most with indifference. It seems that it’s only when direct opportunity strikes do these people fall into their category and reveal their true colours.

There are those too afraid to stand up for themselves and what they believe in, unwilling to change things for the better, happy to procrastinate and make excuses, or pretending not to notice things they have every opportunity to prevent.

There are those who wilfully seek destruction, the power crazy, intent on lying and oppressing others; revelling in deadly sins.

Then there are those who are willing to help anybody, those who notice and care for even the slightest of things, wanting to resolve any bad or unfortunate situations; seeking justice.

Mentally reliving past situations, I realise now there are more than just the bad and indifferent people in the world. A simple apology, a polite “thank you”, a quick gesture or expressing genuine interest in the well being of a stranger after a selfless act – all can drastically change the mood. After a bad experience a while ago, I doubted the tables would turn for me to have strangers be courteous and selfless in return – it seems there are some good people in the world after all.