To Mention Or Not To Mention?

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Previous Rants

Guilt – it’s a horrible feeling. One which only ever seems to affect those few people who actually have a conscience – though it’s not something I can help, I often wonder if feeling guilty for everything is crossing a few lines?

I wonder if I should feel bad for judging people though most wouldn’t think twice about judging me. Though it’s probably not my fault in any way, I feel guilty for people who can’t seem to dress properly, wash properly or shift those extra pounds, ugly people and people who either don’t care or don’t notice that they’ve stood in something or have something in their hair.

I’m well aware that nobody is perfect, we’re all going to get old, drop things once in a while, get lost or be accident prone and have a few bad days. I supppse I feel guilty for sometimes not politely pointing out fashion hazards, dropped items or that unfortunate lady-moustache, though in a world full of ignorance I’d be judged further for even trying to do a good deed and lessen the misplaced guilt.

Then I shrug it off and remember it’s probably just karma in action…

  1. Paul Atreides says:

    You know, something similar happened to me once. I was in a public bathroom washing my hands and this old lady walks out with her skirt tucked in her knickers and I didn’t know whether to tell her or not, it was horrible.
    Also one day at uni this girl’s shirt totally had its tags still on. I just always fear it’s going to be even more humiliating being told than never realising. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

  2. Kurlykurt says:

    It’s a near everyday occurrence for me, so I’ve had quite a lot of experience dealing with such awkward situations (to try and avoid receiving such comments I have to remain in an almost fully self-aware state at all times). It is unfortunately very tiring and I understand that we can all slip up from time to time, but sometimes there really is no excuse.

    I have come up with and wish to share a relatively simple solution which has helped me immensely: if I don’t witness it or don’t realistically have the means to solve the situation, or if I overhear another person mention it, (which would then be up to them to do a good deed) I let karma play it’s course because they are probably bad people…

    In any and most every other situation whereby I can help, I choose to ideally help the most people at once; I try and politely point out that “you do in fact have a hole in your pants and should maybe put that long jumper back on? (It suits you better than that horrible shirt anyway and would hide those huge sweat patches you seem not to have noticed). Or the more recent “Excuse me? Is that packet of mints [that you just dropped] yours? (Pick them back up and spare humanity your halitosis). Undoubtedly such extreme solutions should only be applied to the more serious situations – but we have to remember, these situations MUST be approached with caution and care.

    Personally, I think it is much kinder to tell somebody and have them resolve the issue and suffer a little embarrassment than have them find out on their own, usually in the worst possible way and suffer total humiliation. Did you manage to inform the ladies about their faux pas? Or at least rush off so as not to witness the horror of them finding out?

    Speaking from experience, the only thing worse than not telling somebody about a situation, is for those same people to find out that you had every opportunity to do so but chose not to…

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