Sniffing Peppers – A Real High?

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Previous Rants

Healthy eating had never really been much of a problem for me in the past, I’d always manage to get my 5-a-day, although I’ll admit I can be picky and would avoid fruit and vegetables with remaining bits of soil or insects when out shopping. Until then I hadn’t needed to worry about any additional factors.

I was innocently out shopping with my brother one morning, filling my basket in a vain attempt to encourage him to eat a little healthier. Would it be so hard to swap crisps and sweets for apples, bananas and grapes?

As soon as I had finished that thought, he stopped me, staring and pointing down the isle to a horrible sight which made me reconsider…

I’m all for checking the quality and ripeness of anything I’m going to buy, but I’m sure we’d all agree there is a line. Twenty feet away was an old lady with some poor vegetables far too close to her face.

Thinking we were mistaken, we creeped a little closer. It looked like she was licking or messily eating the first thing she had picked up, maybe she was in the wrong isle and had mistook ‘passion fruit scrub’ literally – who knows?

Whilst subtly creeping away, I quietly agreed with my brother that this was in fact unnatural behaviour and a very bad first impression. I fought the urge to drop my basket of what I now wondered could be contaminated food as she put them back.

Thankfully most of what we’d picked up was pre-packaged, it was only this that partially saved the point I was trying to make – I’d have to be extra cautious when out shopping and I’d definately scrub everything I buy at least twice, my brother still wasn’t fully convinced.


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