The Fatal Clash Of Tastes

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Previous Rants

“It’s your choice…” I heard the three words I’d dreaded as my iPod was plugged into the loudspeakers. There was no going back now, It was my turn to pick a song.

My music taste couldn’t have been more different to the current playlist, “time for a change” they’d said – and it needed changing. Despite shuffle being on, an iPod mostly full of depressing songs was invitation for the mood to be dragged down; somebody had to step in for fear of a morbid atmosphere developing. I figured it was still far too early for the party to end and so suggested a change – it only took me a moment to realise I hadn’t fully thought it through…

Although I had quietly endured far too many unfavourable playlists without arguments, I wondered just what reaction I would recieve as I scrolled through my favourite bands.

I was sat in a room with several friends – all with a slightly varied taste in music, a quick calculation proved I would be on the losing side should I play something they didn’t like… I tried to buy myself some time, desperately hoping for a hint or suggestion. Satisfying my curiosity and trying to answer one of life’s great mysteries I’d asked why they had music they didn’t want to listen to – I had hoped for an answer other than the “it needs updating” which left me back where I started, a little lost and unsure as to what to play.

Sensing my struggle and noticing that brief conversation had ended, I looked to my friend for help – my panic must have shown for at that moment a genuine roar and a request for “a song with drums like gunfire” was placed – a true life saver, I could only imagine the worst had I stalled any longer.


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