Introducing: The Hangover

Posted: March 21, 2011 in Previous Rants

I knew full well I wasn’t the only one to have ever suffered in such a way, but at that time in the morning, head pounding after such an eventful night I couldn’t have cared less.

Breakfast didn’t have the desired effect, I’d hoped it would settle my stomach a little. The frantic rush to get appropriately dressed for yet another unappealling shift at work soon seemed pointless – I’d missed my bus and only succeed in making myself feel more unwell…

I suppose I should have been grateful – the weather was nice, and there was (thankfully) no sign of Mr Nasal Polluter to encourage my stomach’s revolt. My bus eventually arrived but my relief was short lived – had I known that at every thump and shudder of the bus my pounding headache was only to get worse, I would’ve walked.

Though I felt quite sorry for myself at the time I was glad somebody found amusement in my self afflicted misery. I couldn’t help but wonder if the old lady sat opposite would have continued to laugh had she been wearing my breakfast – it probably would have made me feel a little better anyway…


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