Who Is The Biggest Loser?

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Previous Rants

I was perched on the edge of a train seat, between a paranoid man constantly checking his surroundings, watching eyes and the time and a fully grown drunk man (who seemed most insistant on playing a game his workfriends had suggested…)

From what I had gathered, the passenger to stop “surfing” the juddering train and hold on is the loser… after a couple of games, I wondered if they’d noticed my sour expression or if they’d simply got bored – but thankfully, the smelly man stopped thrusting his rear end in my direction in his vain attempt to “win” – and got off at the next station. I was left sat next to an uneasy commuter frantically checking his pockets, I couldn’t help but wonder why I would always experience such unpleasant journeys – I must attract childish and unusual behaviour…


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