When All Senses Suffer

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Previous Rants

Definatley one of the worst days I’ve had to endure in a while. If suffering from lack of sleep, a pounding headache and being constantly tormented by the weather every time I go outside wasn’t bad enough, I chose to walk through the harsh rain to avoid the hellish traffic that only promised to prolong my misery. Two miles later, and thankfully free of the worst of the traffic I could only hope this bus journey would differ from the rest.

Expecting the bus to smell of urine like this morning’s unfortunate hour-long journey (which really just set the tone for the day) – I was, I suppose very mildly relieved to find otherwise. Though I did not embrace the wet mud and egg-like stench that clung in the air – I’m sure it wasn’t just me who hoped it was nothing more sinister than somebody’s shopping.

I was almost grateful I’d once again stood at the front, I figured the relief of a mouthful of fresh air when the doors opened far outweighed the bitter cold wind I would undoubtedly face. Several seconds after the doors closed, leaving us to our fate, I heard strange whining noises. So too it seemed did the rest of the passengers.

I looked around the bus expecting a pained animal or somebody’s horrendously loud nose-breathing, and for several minutes I glared at the bus driver – assuming it was him “passing wind” every few seconds; if nothing else, it would have explained the smell. I suppose my judging expression said it all – another close passenger’s shifty eye movements indicated otherwise…

It was the windscreen wipers she was following with her gaze, every few seconds wincing at the horrible screeching that the noise soon became. Instead of previously wanting to shout “blow your nose!”, “hold it in!” or as that realisation sunk in “turn off those windscreen wipers and save me some sanity!” I chose instead to bite my lip -unfortunately a bit too hard, drawing blood. Today was just getting better and better it seemed.

It wasn’t like the driver was driving very safely anyway – in my foul mood sometime during the long journey I wondered whether amongst the noise, damp and horrible smell if he actually wanted to get us killed – speeding towards parked cars and lamposts in some almost childish game to splash in the largest puddles – I empathised with the unsuspecting pedestrians. As always, I couldn’t wait to get off the bus – it seemed my hatred of public transport wouldn’t ease up anytime soon…


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