Expect The Unexpected

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Previous Rants

So there I was, in my bedroom casually doing my daily exercises, iTunes blaring when annoyingly and almost competetive in volume I heard crashing and rattling coming from outside – fearing some strange car accident far too close to home, I looked out of my window.

The sight awaiting me was far far worse – ladders… – “pervy-window-creep” and “friend” were back… – I’d hoped with over a month of no sightings they’d forgotten about us. Clearly not. Though it was rather difficult trying not to draw attention to myself through my inconveniently thin curtains, I managed to leave my bedroom – without aknowledgement from behind the glass.

I’d almost forgotten why I feared them. It was just instinct – It was in the same instant I regretted having my iTunes shuffle on – and so it was to a rather unusual song I rushed around the house hastily closing all curtains and blinds.

I’d reached the living room when I eventually found mum hiding behind the door – whispering to me to pay them and pretend she wasn’t in. I suppose I didn’t have a choice. I’d have to face them eventually. I swallowed my pride and expected the worst – thankfully it was the less pervy “friend” (or “fiend” I thought to myself) at the door. Several pounds lighter I rushed back into the living room to a whispered “have they gone?” when heavy breathing and the thin gap in the curtains to the patio doors made us drop to our knees behind the sofa answered her question. Behind those doors stood the creepy window cleaner. Was he trying to find us? Isn’t that a little invasive, or illegal even?

I’m not too sure how long we waited there – but the heavy breathing subsided after a while – my heartbeat took a little longer to settle. I think I’ll keep the curtains closed from now on…


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