Mission: Failed

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Previous Rants

So another long, hard day at work – another not without it’s trials – I had the delight of the struggle between really trying to impress my collegues and having to multitask – efficeintly serving customers and answering the phone…

As soon as I heard that this was to be today’s “mission” I cringed and died a little inside – answering the phone!? (sure I have a top of the range phone contract I’d stupidly tied myself into, and a practised “phone/work voice” – but I was pretty hopeless at answering the phone and actually talking to someone…)

I’d lasted most of the day without the dreaded ringing – instead wondering how many different ways I could mess it up, when right on cue – all eyes on me – the phone rang.

Trying as hard as possibe to remember what I had to say (all the while willing them to hang up before I’d picked up). Despite knowing I had to announce the store name and area before greeting them and asking how it was I could help; I gloriously failed with a greeting of “Hi, Kurtis?” – I expected laughing and pointing – I’d not been so embarrassed in a long while – I spent the next few minutes desperately trying to end the conversation, referring them to our website using the safeguard everyone else relies on and hanging up.

As expected, I was confronted by my collegues (who thankfully couldn’t hear the confused customer on the other end of the phone) I was slow to think as they mocked me – I wasn’t going to admit I was nervous and “didn’t do” phonecalls – instead I calmly explained the customer had (as I’d convinced myself) asked who was speaking. Phew!

Fearing I’d have phone duty every time it rang as would be punishment for a failed “mission”- I hoped I’d convinced them. Of course I was dreading the customer coming in the next day as she’d mentioned – If she brought it up in conversation, I’d definately never live it down – with fingers crossed, I reminded myself never to answer the work phone unless it was absolutely necessary…


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