And I Suffered From “The Morning”

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Previous Rants

We’ve all had “one of those days” at some point in our lives where nothing goes right (at least I like to think it’s not just me who is victimised by the ways of the world), you can’t be bothered getting out of bed, and eventually do so to find there is no milk for the ever craved morning brew… I awoke this morning to one such day and realised due to lack of sleep from yet more growing pains… (at my age? – even my body hates me!) I knew the slightest thing would make my day infinately worse…

Typically, I’d been waiting for the bus for what seemed like several long hours (which turned out to be 30 minutes crammed under the busstop with 12 other equally impatient passengers) – Unfortunately this dragged out period of time wasn’t spent chatting with many attractive ladies in the sun. But trapped between a glass wall and an enormous puddle – trying instead to avoid “flu-like” coughs, torrential rain, a small screaming child and the unfortunate body odour and halitosis of the portly male beside me. I figured I’d last about three to four minutes before I snapped…

A bus! – but unfortunately due to the stampede that followed, not to my rescue. I suppose it was inevitable that someone would knock all my papers and leaflets to the ground (and though I seriously considered leaving the sodden papers where they fell and boarding the crammed bus) I knew I’d have to pick them up. All the while an unhelpful old lady decided instead to wave the bus on and judge my pathetic attempt with a stifled laugh and dirty look. Somehow I refrained from commenting and remained calm – “eyes closed, deep breaths” I kept telling myself… – I felt it more than saw it, another bus powering through the puddle before stopping a little way from the stop (I’d begged no-one would dare aim for the puddle – I’d spent all morning ironing the stubborn creases from my suit) with my temper this short and as drenched as I was, I couldn’t help but wonder just how interesting this bus ride was going to get…


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