“Uncomfortable Incident: No.19”

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Previous Rants

I’m fairly certain everybody has fears; things they don’t like and incidents that make them feel uncomfortable – things that once said, or done – unfortunately cannot be erased or forgotten as well as we’d all hope… – One such incident (one I regret already mentioning to a rather loud and talkative friend) involves our window cleaner having a crush on my mum, and being under the impression I’m a girl… Ever since pressing his face to our bathroom window, back when my hair was much longer (from which point I’ve referred to him as “pervy-window-creep”) – anyway, my back was facing the window as I got out of the shower when I heard sudden shouts from behind the glass… (Though it was quite a traumatic situation, I suppose I should find compliment in having – as I heard him call to his friend – “a fine arse”)

We have quite a few windchimes in our garden, (the specific culprit still remains unfound) – every so often one of these windchimes sounds hauntingly similar to a ladder hastily being thrown against the wall… As I’m sure you could imagine, every time I hear that cursed noise I have a mini heart attack, dive out of the shower, and harshly drag the blinds down…

Every time “pervy-window-creep” and “friend” attempt to “clean” (it’s quite obvious their attentions are forever diverted elsewhere; very rarely do they bother to do a decent job) I remain trapped between rooms, hoping to stay unseen, almost daring my parents to mention I even exist – if for nothing more than to save them the embarrasment…


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